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Local Custom Channel Letter Signs

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Dimensional and channel letters are very popular selections for building signs in many different kinds of businesses or industries.

Local Custom Channel Letter Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205A channel letter sign offers both versatility and flexibility, which lets them get customized to meet any individual design choices or existing brand guidelines you might have. Whether you want flat dimensional letters, an illuminated sign, or even a totally customized sign, we have the ideal signage solution for you.

Express Signs is a local provider for professional business signage. Their high-caliber production happens quickly and fits your available budget and needs.

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Custom Channel Letter SignThe channel letter sign is our most-frequently requested storefront sign. Channel letters are three-dimensional in nature. We create them through the formation of individually-cut metal elements, like letters, symbols, images, and numbers. We align these perfectly before securing them to the backing frame. Sometimes that’s a raceway sign, but we can also just directly flush-mount them to your building. The channel gets covered itself using a durable acrylic top. These can be had in any color or even various transparency levels so that we can totally customize your look.

Your options are limitless. Spell out your slogan or your name, or just put your logo onto this kind of sign. We can easily customize this for all kinds of businesses given the broad selection of colors, sizes, styles, and fonts we have available. Channels can even be formed by hand to make any type of icon or image, giving you tremendous design flexibility for your sign.

Channel letter signs prove popular among office buildings, malls, manufacturing facilities, churches, schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, and other retail outfits, among many other various establishments and organizations.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignDimensional letter signs share one big similarity with channel letter signs in that both of them consist of elements that were individually created. However, whereas channel letters have interior empty channels that make for illumination, dimensional letters are instead cut out from solid sheets of material like metal or acrylic. They come with quite a few choices in terms of fonts, styles, and sizes. In fact, the very thickness of the material can be variable, giving us control over the final look of your dimensional sign, anywhere from nearly flat to being a number of inches deep.

Express Signs makes eye-catching dimensional letter signs which match your brand guidelines and promote your business in a durable and high-caliber style.

Such signs prove useful for manufacturing establishments, malls, offices, restaurants, and retail stores. They even work out well for many lobby signs or interior functions.

Backlit and Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignWhen you add LED lighting, channel letters can certainly make your business pop. Such illumination means your signage is seen easily at both night and during inclement weather, so new customers can find you no matter the climate or time of day. We handle every part of this process, from securing your sign to safely installing any electrical elements to cleaning up after we’re done.

If your business is open at night or just in the evening, then your power to attract new clients is more robust with the right backlit channel letter sign.

Lighted signs prove advantageous to nightclubs, food and beverage establishments, convenience stores, gas stations, or just any business that want to stand out from their neighbors and capture traffic.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We pride ourselves in providing expedient turnaround times resulting in high-caliber products. If you are in the market for a sign partner you use long-term, give Express Signs a chance.

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