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Express Signs offers outdoor and exterior signs to customers in Grand Rapids. The outdoor signs that we offer include address signs, blade signs, channel letter signs, awning signs, outdoor banners and more.

Custom building sign dimensional letterThe best outdoor signs are those that showcase your brand and bring attention to your location. Visibility is a key motivator for businesses seeking outdoor signage. Express Signs offers lighted exterior signs, pole signs, led signs, and neons signs that offer noticeable signage. Ensure that your exterior signs are durable, professional, and branded.

As a local sign company, we understand that exterior signage for our Grand Rapid’s customers needs to be durable for all weather conditions. 46% of potential customers learn about a business from storefront signage (International Sign Association). With such a significant portion of potential clients judging your business based on your sign, consider working with a reputable sign company like Express Signs.

Contact the professionals at Express Signs to inquire about a free consultation. Call us at (616) 534-9000 today!

A Guide to Selecting Outdoor Signage

Some suggestions from Express Signs when considering an outdoor signage project.

Selecting the right outdoor signs for your business will depend on your location, goals, budget, and branding. We work with you to determine what signs or signage blend will be right for your

Sign Placement is Important

Hanging Sign

The key to a successful project is selecting a sign that suits its destined placement. Many businesses will need to consider where to place their outdoor signage on an existing building. Express Signs offers a wide range of outdoor signs for businesses – even with space constrictions, we have many options! Our sign experts will guide you in what types of exterior signage is best suited for your storefront. Any outdoor sign type that you choose is customizable based on your branding and preference.   

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Sleep number custom monument sign install

Have you ever considered that your outdoor signage is an advertisement for your business? It’s important to invest time into your outdoor signage – because it’s built to last! That way, whatever you choose will be a sign that is a true reflection of your business.

Clients will be attracted to an authentic sign that is unique and that tells them something about what type of business you have. Express Signs offers a range of lighted, 3D, vertical, and vinyl signage, all of which serve as a 24/7 advertisement for your store, church, agency, or business.

Research Local Codes and Ordinances Pertaining to Exterior Signage

Aluminum Building SignIt’s helpful to research your local area’s regulations on exterior and outdoor signage. Often times, especially in historic areas or shopping districts, codes and ordinances exsit that will affect both the aesthetics of your sign and sign installation.

The experts at Express Signs are extremely experienced in adhering with local sign regulations. We will assist you in ascertaining if your business is subject to any exterior signage codes at your initial consultation, which is both free of charge and free of hassles. We make it easy to meet with us and to schedule your consult – just call us at (616) 534-9000 today!

Complete Exterior Sign Selection

Express Signs offers a range of outdoor sign types suitable for industrial, commercial businesses, corporations, office parks, campuses and more!

If you are looking for a unique outdoor sign in Grand Rapids, MI look no further than Express Signs. Our team of professionals are all housed under one roof, which means that your sign is designed, manufactured, and installed by a collaborative team of signage experts!

We offer many sign options to our clients, including:

We not only create attractive, professional outdoor signage, we can complete your business branding with indoor signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl banners, and more!

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Express SignsThe experts at Express Signs are eager to assist you with your outdoor sign project. We are dedicated to providing you with expert assistance and an outstanding product that assists you in accomplishing your business goals, such as attracting more customers to your business, promoting an event or special, or improving your brand visibility. 

Call Express Signs at (616) 534-9000 to set up your Free Consultation with an Outdoor Sign Expert!